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Build trust and engagement between businesses and their ideal customers. 


Be the choice agency for affordable small business marketing.

Core Values

Make Lasting

We don't think making a great first impression is good enough; we want it to last. Our best effort goes into every thing we do, from the first task each day to the very last. Always.

"The Norm"

Be the change you want to see they say. We strive to always do better than expected, pushing ourselves to be more productive, efficient, and accurate at every level. 

With Integrity

Everyone associated with our organization carries a strong moral compass leading them to do what is right for our clients and the healthy growth of their enterprise.

Our Founder

Michael Spinka

Creative Strategist | Technology Specialist | Developer | Designer

Michael is the former Vice President of Technology for an award winning marketing franchise that scaled coast to coast. With demonstrated success, he founded The On Fire Group to help small businesses improve their presence in the digital marketplace. 

Fun Fact

When Mike isn't buried in web code or analytics, he studies 20th century design. The covers to the left are parodies of real jazz albums from the 1960's. These digital recreations are a study in lettering and production techniques from a time before desktop publishing. The original designs set the stage for what would become one of pop culture's greatest achievements...album cover art!

Our Ideal Partnership

We know running a small business is hard enough just trying to keep up with being the best at what you do. Marketing is technology driven and constantly evolving, which adds complexity to building strategies, planning budgets and managing expectations, all while trying to achieve a very simple goal - you want more customers.

If you recognize marketing is a critical component to your business growth and are ready to invest in the future, we bring an affordable option with more experience and better results than hiring a full-time marketing employee - for about the same cost!

It takes decades to master skills in copywriting, design, and website code, while developing business acumen, decision strategies, and understanding analytics. As their experience develops, so does the cost to employ them, limiting the pool of qualified candidates small businesses can afford to hire. 

Owners often find themselves making a middle-ground decision between the experience and guidance you need vs. what your business can afford, giving way to entry-level candidates and hoping for the best. Consider outsourcing our experienced professionals that can affordably manage your marketing needs from day one.

Contact us today; see how we help small businesses. 

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Why Hire Us


We are B2B and B2C marketing experts, with almost 2 decades of experience, that a single employed marketer may not have.

Lower Cost

In-house marketers are costly when factoring in full-time salary, benefits, software, and equipment. We operate fractionally saving overall expenses.


We use proven marketing tactics that give your business a competitive edge, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


We are constantly on the forefront of marketing and decision sciences technology, using smart data to deliver a competitive edge.


We have access to a wide range of marketing resources and tools, providing small businesses with advanced capabilities.


We streamlined processes and that allow us to execute marketing campaigns more efficiently than an in-house marketer.


We bring an objective viewpoint to our clients’ hive mind, allowing us to suggest improvements, with an outside perspective.

ROI & Results

We execute campaigns using known best practices, delivering faster results and optimization.

Low Risk

We’re experts with organizing and segmenting data mitigating risks such as regulation compliance and protecting sensitive data. 


We provide measurable results, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI) reports. 


Implementing a successful strategy is time-consuming. We take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on your business.

Local Knowledge

As a Philadelphia and Delaware Valley agency, we have an invaluable understanding of the local market you're trying to reach.

13 Mistakes To Avoid

We support hiring in-house marketers, but they need the right structure to succeed - especially at an entry level. That's where things fall apart. So if you're not ready to hire a Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency like ours to help you reach your growth goals, and decide to hire a marketing employee, avoid these 13 common mistakes:

  1. Not defining a true full-time marketing role or mixing the role with other part-time duties like cashier, front desk, or other tasks that destroy the time needed to execute marketing plans effectively.

  2. Paying a low hourly wage like $12 or $14 an hour. Or positioning lower pay as an opportunity for “learned experience” while expecting to scale “growth and results”. The average marketer makes $61k in the US, and big box retailers pay between $18 and $21 an hour for non-managers to stock shelves. The demand for good marketers right now is high. Dig deeper.

  3. Hiring graduates or candidates that possess little or no real marketing experience, where the internal structure doesn’t have anyone in a role to guide or grow that marketer. Entry level marketers need a lot of guidance. If your organization is relying on them to deliver a strategy, your candidate needs more than their degree.

  4. Hiring someone who lacks passion for the business or has a narrow skill set that doesn't align with the business's needs. Be mindful of their business acumen in general. They need to know how to get through to people that will buy what you sell, and care enough about your brand to take it to the next level.

  5. Not having a clear strategy or understanding how to allocate your marketing budget across different channels. Entry level candidates struggle with strategic decisions because the experience of measuring results is new to them. Take out the guesswork by using more experienced professionals that can propose a strategy, execute the plan, and know what to do with the results.

  6. Not knowing how to set realistic goals / expectations, or focusing too heavily on short-term results rather than long-term growth. Avoid "dipping the toe" into marketing to "see what works". If it feels like you're throwing money away, then your strategy is not well enough defined.

  7. Not taking the time to develop the company's brand message, analyzing competitors, or conducting proper market research. You have a lot more competition than you think. And if you can't tell where your website ranks against theirs, or how many social followers they have, or can't recall the topic of their last 2 email blasts, you're not paying enough attention. Start with a S.W.O.T. analysis.

  8. Not setting clear KPIs (key performance indicators) or scorecards to track progress and results. Data and analytics lead to making informed marketing decisions. Pay attention to metrics. There's industry benchmarks to weigh against for just about everything these days.

  9. Not having a clear understanding of your target audience, buyer personas, customer journey or sales funnel. "Everyone" is not your customer, and they don't love you at first sight. Change your thinking. Get ready to make lots of impressions to win them over.

  10. Not investing enough in the marketer or providing adequate resources, training, support, or equipment for creativity. There are so many tools that can speed up and organize marketing development process. We often hear of marketers that were tasked with growth and given almost $0 budget to work with. That is not setting them up for success.

  11. Not being open to new ideas or feedback from the marketer. Granted, you know your business better than anyone, and younger professionals are more ambitious to experiment with new ideas and tactics, you may think are silly. However, digital marketing evolves so fast, by the time people really figure out a process so efficiently it feels like it will print money, it no longer works because everyone is now doing it. Trying new things helps stay ahead of the noise so your brand gets noticed.

  12. Not having a reasonable timeline for producing quality materials. It's one thing to ride an employee for not hustling quickly enough, but we hear countless stories from marketers with bosses that think graphics and programming grows on trees. Quality marketing takes time, and so does results.

  13. Not investing in a mix of marketing channels, like SEO / SEM, social media, email and content marketing. Look, there is NO silver bullet for marketing, or that's what everyone would be shooting. The best methods are to be strategic and visible on all relevant channels that build your network.

If your business has a marketing employee struggling to get the right output, we do offer marketing consulting, and support services to help improve their strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Local Marketing Insights

We service clients all across the USA. Additionally, we service direct marketing areas in DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, and the Mid-Atlantic region where we made demographic summaries available on this website. 

This information is for targeted marketing by residents, home owners, gender, age, income, or other marketing information purposes.  Other states are available. For those not shown, please contact us for more information. 

State of Delaware location coverage, county, and local demographic marketing insights.


Coming Soon.

State of New Jersey location coverage, county, and local demographic marketing insights.


Coming Soon.

State of Pennsylvania location coverage, county, and local demographic marketing insights.


Coming Soon.

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